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University of Denver Sturm College of Law and University of Colorado School of Law
(List of scholarship recipients.)

Preserving the History of Women Attorneys:
Celebrating and preserving the history of women in Colorado's legal community, including capturing the oral histories of women who have played a key role in that history.

Gender Penalties:
The CWBA Foundation spearheaded fundraising efforts for the ground-breaking 1998 report "Gender Penalties: The Results of the Careers and Compensation Study." This report, often referred to as the "Careers and Compensation Study," was a follow up to the landmark 1993 Economic Study which first documented the economic disparity between male and female attorneys in Colorado. In 2003, Gender Penalties Revisited (and the accompanying Gender Penalties Revisited Summary of Findings) was presented, revealing the results of a nearly decade-long study that examined gender equity in the legal profession, conducted by University of Denver Professors Joyce Sterling and Nancy Reichman.

Project for Attorney Retention:
The CWBA Foundation, with generous funding and support from the Colorado Bar Association, Faegre & Benson Foundation, and the Donnell Initiative Fund, joined forces with the Project for Attorney Retention (PAR) to include Denver in a groundbreaking study of part-time law firm partnerships.  For more information about PAR, a nationally recognized leader in the use and value of flexible work schedules, visit their website.  

The project studied part-time partners in law firms to identify roadblocks they face and present best-practice solutions to overcome those challenges.  The study provided best practices that law firms can use not only to develop effective policies, but also to establish fair compensation structures and practices for attorneys who want to reduce their hours and still maintain a successful and profitable relationship with their firm. The study, conducted in San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Denver, CO, involved in-depth interviews (with guarantees of confidentiality) with part-time partners.  These interviews covered professional and personal information relating to the partners’ reduced-hours arrangements, their satisfaction with their arrangements, the methods used to compensate and evaluate them, their business generation, and their service to their firms.  The information was used to develop a best practices model and report on part-time partnership that can be used nationally.

The study was released in late September 2009, and you may click here for a copy of the report: "Reduced Hours – Full Success: Part-Time Partnership in U.S. Law Firms." Some of our members assisted PAR in obtaining data and in editing report drafts. PAR recognized in their final report the work of two of our members, Connie Talmage and Beth Doherty Quinn. It's important for Denver to be at the forefront of these nationwide studies, and we're grateful to those of you who assisted PAR and those, such as our Foundation board members, who had the vision to contribute to this study.

New Families, New Futures:
This new project is an educational program which is an alternative educational program to the present family transition system in place in the Colorado courts.  This project relates to the goals of the CBA Family Law Section in that it promotes the welfare of Colorado children and families by placing the needs of the family first, promotes a smooth transition from one state of family equilibrium to the next, and provides information for the parties to make productive and cost-effective choices about the legal process.  For more information, visit the website.

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