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from Sarah Chase-McRorie

The Colorado Women’s Bar Association is a powerful resource that each and every one of us should be pushing to the extreme for her own use. I am honored to be a member and to encourage the growth of more exceptional leaders. At the CWBA, we are focused on protecting and promoting the welfare of all women in Colorado. With more than 1,100 members, even including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we are the only bar association in the state dedicated to advancing women as leaders in law. 

The CWBA brings together lawyers and other professionals -- female and male, experienced and green -- for networking events, professional education, mentoring opportunities, and legal and community service projects focused on helping women help themselves. Additional tangible benefits we offer include the following:

  • The CWBA is an ACTIVE organization that provides leadership opportunities for women lawyers and legal professionals of all experience levels.
  • The CWBA is ISSUES DRIVEN, with its own lobbyists who help us to advocate for and on behalf of women and children in Colorado.
  • The CWBA is MEMBER FOCUSED, providing a quarterly online newsletter,
    The Advocate, and a members-only listserv forum for exchanging ideas, asking questions, and informal mentoring.
  • The CWBA is ACTIVELY ENGAGED in decisions to appoint Colorado judges, conducting and reporting extensive diligence that is valued by Governor Hickenlooper and his staff.
  • The CWBA is RESPECTED nationally for its community focus and programming, such as self-promotion seminars, an annual moms luncheon, and a "Storming The Bench" session. 
  • The CWBA's Annual Convention, held in May in Vail, attracts TOP-NOTCH speakers and programs, and provides unparalleled relationship-building opportunities. 
  • The CWBA is a WELCOMING organization that many members describe as the “best part of being a lawyer.”

No matter the stage of your career, the resource is here and is ready for you to push it to its extreme. Join now, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event, on a committee, and in the community. 


Sarah Chase-McRorie
2016-2017 President
Colorado Women's Bar Association 

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