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The CWBA Serves Our Community

Participate in the CWBA Pro Bono Pledge Program

Pro bono work is an essential part of your role as a member of the legal community! The CWBA's Legal Services Committee wants to join forces with our members to offer legal services and provide pro bono opportunities to non-profits and charitable organizations that support women and children in Colorado. We created the CWBA Pro Bono Pledge to encourage members to volunteer more and to capture the great volunteer legal work members are already doing.

How Do I Fulfill My Pledge?

It's simple! (1) share your time and talent by volunteering for an organization highlighted in the Pro Bono Corner, joining us for a Legal Services sponsored pro bono activity, or providing service to a legal educational or community organization (know your rights programs, coaching mock trial, etc.) or (2) donate the cost of one billable hour to one of our featured organizations. Once you have completed your one hour or made your donation, fill out the Pledge Completion Form, and you are done. All members who complete the Pledge will be honored at our annual CWBA Convention.

If we each do our part, the CWBA will unitedly donate over 1,500 hours of pro bono work per year! Click here for a list of pro bono and legal service opportunities.


The Initiative—founded over 30 years ago as the Domestic Violence Initiative for Women with Disabilities or DVI—is a direct services organization that provides victim advocacy for survivors of any type of abuse including domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, elder and at-risk adult abuse, financial abuse, and caregiver abuse.  They take an intersectional approach to their work, emphasizing a cross-disability approach that recognizes physical, cognitive, mental health, sensory, health conditions, and developmental disabilities as disabilities. The Initiative also recently launched specialized programs, including rural, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Disabled people suffer higher rates of abuse and lower rates of recourse because of the culture of “ableism” and other societal factors, which make it even harder to obtain assistance from the justice and social services systems. Because of this, The Initiative aims to serve the whole client – helping to address their legal, social, and economic needs. 

In addition to their client services, The Initiative conducts educational programs around the state, teaching judicial officers, social services providers, and lawyers like ourselves about the unique challenges facing disabled people confronting abusive situations. 

There several ways you can help The Initiative with their mission to create an Abuse-Free Culture for All. Representing clients, or providing consultations, can make a huge difference in the lives and safety of the population they serve. You can access a list of examples of the types of cases clients are facing by clicking here or call (303) 839-5510 to be matched with a client that fits your preferred level of time commitment and skill set.  You can also support their efforts by donating financially during our late Fall giving campaign to support The Initiative’s efforts to serve the whole client. Your donations will help clients secure housing, go into rehab, prepare for job interviews, and generally be fortified to face life’s challenges. And thanks to the generosity of CWBA members, the Board is going to match every member donation dollar for dollar, up to the first $1000. Make your donation here. 

COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project is a collaborative, community legal project with a mission to provide Coloradans facing eviction during the COVID-19 crisis with information and support across the state. The project grew out of the realization that closing businesses and sending workers home to stop the spread of the coronavirus would leave a large portion of Colorado's population without income and unable to pay rent. The organization aims both to enact legislative protections for those who have been unable to pay rent due to the pandemic, and to pair tenants facing eviction with volunteer attorneys. As the statewide eviction moratorium expires, many tenants are imminently facing eviction proceedings with no one to guide them through the process.  

The project is seeking volunteer attorneys to represent tenants facing imminent eviction and to prevent evictions wherever possible. While many of the tenants who reach out to us live in the Denver metro area, we see individuals from all over the state and have particular need for lawyers in southern Colorado and rural counties. They offer hour-long training sessions for all new volunteer attorneys, and are available to support and assist those who have little or no experience in landlord-tenant disputes. However, they welcome and appreciate lawyers with experience in the field! Interested lawyers can either fill out the intake form on their website, and a member of our team will reach out to coordinate. Email questions: carey@cedproject.org.

ACLU of Colorado is the state’s oldest and largest civil rights organization.  Their mission is to protect, defend and extend the civil rights and civil liberties of all people in Colorado.  Here’s how you can get involved:

Join People Power! – The ACLU engages volunteers across the country to take action on pressing legislative issues or demand change from elected officials. We mobilize to build up power in local communities that affirm our values of respect, equality, and solidarity. Sign up at peoplepower.org.

Constitution Day – September 17 is Constitution Day! This year, the ACLU is looking to collaborate with community partners and educators to create engaging videos for students on the Constitution and current events that affect people’s civil rights and civil liberties.  If you are interested in participating in this nationwide effort, please contact Jessica Howard, Racial Justice Campaign Coordinator at jhoward@aclu-co.org for more information.

For updates on ACLU events and ballot positions this election cycle, join ACLU’s Activist Bulletin.

Although the ACLU is providing only virtual webinars at this time, we are exploring options to train individuals interested in providing educational trainings to their communities.  If you are interested in becoming an ACLU Speaker, please fill out ACLU Speaker Volunteer Form.

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